Los valores centrales de Europa

por Nir Boms y Terry Newman

Europa está creciendo con rapidez. Afrontando inmigración, nuevos estados miembros y constantes conversaciones de acceso, Europa se encuentra planteándose de nuevo una cuestión antigua: ¿de qué trata Europa? La respuesta tiene que ver con valores – valores europeos centrales que necesitan ser expresados en positivo con el fin de que sean la fuerza motriz de una Europa en renovación.

Europa necesita iniciar un diálogo acerca de sus valores centrales con el fin de definir y defender las interpretaciones aceptables frente a lo vulgar. Sin este diálogo, palabras como tolerancia, libertades individuales o respeto a la razón podrían perder parte de su significado. La etiqueta sobre la botella de vino se quedará, pero el vino se volverá vinagre. View full post…

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The Final Frontier

By Nir Boms

“It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it’s an imperative.”- Michael Collins, Gemini and Apollo astronaut.

“Space, the Final Frontier,” said Captain Kirk as he began the voyage of the starship “Enterprise,” a fitting name for an imaginary tale of man’s journey into space. The Enterprise traveled toward new worlds and distant places, carrying crewman from planet Earth. Earthlings had learned to transcend the wars of the past in order to tackle the challenges of the future.

The voyages of the Enterprise were fictional, but advances in modern technology constantly bring that fiction closer to reality. On the morning of February first, 2003, it appeared that Israelis would have the opportunity to finally share with Captain Kirk the sense of accomplishment of having reached for the stars, and touched them. School children from Calcutta to Houston and Moscow to Jerusalem stared up at the sky, realizing for a moment that the world is not as large as it seems and the people on it are more similar than they are different. View full post…

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