Rival American Allies: Turkey and Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean

Boms, N., & Ulusoy, K. (2021). Rival American Allies: Turkey and Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean. Estudos Internacionais: Revista De relações Internacionais Da PUC Minas8(4), 151-165. https://doi.org/10.5752/P.2317-773X.2020v8n4p151-165


The contemporary dynamics between Israel and Turkey have been confronta-tional at recent times though this doesn’t seem to affect the relations in other areas as the trade balance advancing towards the $8 million shows. This article focuses on the relations between Israel and Turkey within the context of the East Mediterranean geopolitics. Reviewing its shift from a quasi-alliance to a stiff geopolitical rivalry in the region, the article explores scenarios for near future. Keywords: Israel. Turkey. East Mediterranean geopolitics.

DOI: 10.5752/P.2317-773X.2020v8.n4.p151

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