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Myth of the Moderate Mullahs

Jan. 31, 2004


Defying conventional wisdom, fresh voices of freedom appear to be coming from the Middle East of late.

Assad of Syria delivers his plans for democratization directly to The New York Times. Gaddafi of Libya delivers his to Newsweek, as he claims to be an ally in the war against terrorism and invites the world to review his nuclear arsenal. Khatami of Iran, the “moderate” president, threatens to resign due to an election crisis resulting from the Guardian Council’s decision to disqualify more than 3,000 candidates from the ballot of his country’s upcoming elections. Among the disqualified candidates were 80 incumbent parliament deputies, including two deputy speakers.

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The Victory of an Iranian Choice

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Nir Boms and Reza Bulorchi

If doubts remained as to the extent that last month’s rigged Iranian elections were boycotted by Iranian citizens, they were put to rest Tuesday, March 16. That evening, on a walk through Tehran’s residential neighborhoods, one could see just how loathed Iran’s ruling theocracy is among the Iranian people.

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