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Book review : Expat-ing Democracy: Dissidents, Technology and Democratic Discourse in the Middle East

Nir T. Boms, Expat-ing Democracy: Dissidents, Technology and Democratic Discourse in the Middle East, (Bern: Peter Lang Publishers, 2017), 246 pp.

The upheavals throughout the Middle East in 2010-2011, popularly known as the “Arab Spring,” changed the political paradigm throughout the region. For several decades, gradual political and economic changes were the norm and the political paradigm seemed to be fixed. The sudden regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt, however, reverberated in Syria, Iran, Bahrain and elsewhere. Nothing has remained the same. Hence, the importance and timeliness of Dr. Nir T. Boms’s study, Expat-ing Democracy.

A research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University and the vice president of the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), Dr. Boms offers both academic and scholarly expertise and an approach of practical application. His book presents a penetrating analysis of the nature of the events and causes which led to the upheaval and the political and social consequences of these transformations in the Middle East. He discusses aspects of the “Arab Spring” which have not appeared in other scholarship on the subject. This is the result of his unique selection of sources which includes surveys conducted by the author over a period of several years and interviews with individuals active in attempting to implement the democratic process in the region. As both an observer and a participant, Boms encouraged the activists whom he interviewed. His initiatives in humanitarian projects, such as assistance to people stranded in Southern Syria, provided him with a rare opportunity of building a network of activists who are directly involved in social and civic initiatives for democracy. Ex-pating Democracy not only presents the content of the interviews but also describes the circumstances under which they were conducted. Therefore, the book is informative, original and exciting. Continue reading


מאחורי צג הברזל

מה בין לוחמת הרשת שהונחתה על אתרי האינטרנט של ממשלת גיאורגיה בחודש שעבר, ובין חיסולם ביריות של עיתונאים ברחובות? על חופש ביטוי ומסורתה החיה של הקג”ב

ניב ליליאן, ניר בומס

(הרשת התיכונה, YNET)

בעוד הטנקים של רוסיה מסרבים לסגת סופית מאוסטיה, ובעוד העולם מנסה למנוע את תחילתה של עוד מלחמה קרה, שדומה והחלה עם הכרזתה של רוסיה על מכירת נוספת של נשק לאיראן לאור עמדתה של ארה”ב כלפי המשבר, דומה שנכתבו עוד כמה פרקים בעימות המתוקשר הזה, עימות שמזכיר ימים אפלים קצת יותר.

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