Faire face aux élections iraniennes

Source Washington Times (États-Unis)

Référence « Facing the Iranian elections », par Nir Boms et Elliot Chodoff, Washington Times, 16 juin 2005.

Résumé Tandis que l’Iran poursuit son ping-pong nucléaire avec l’Union européenne, mettant en danger la stabilité régionale, il prépare également les élections de vendredi. Téhéran agite le drapeau de la démocratie islamique et attise les espoirs du monde autour de Rafsandjani, décrit comme un symbole d’espoir et de modération. Toutefois, il a déjà été président de 1989 à 1997 et il incarne donc bien plus le passé que l’avenir. DE toute façon, le président n’est pas la figure centrale du système politique iranien. Ce titre revient à Ali Khamenei, le dirigeant suprême du conseil des Gardiens de la révolution, un conseil qui a un rôle central dans l’organisation des élections.

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A Solid Start

Election season has arrived in the Middle East. It seems that most of the residents of this troubled region have cast ballots in the past 12 months. Truly, what appeared impossible a few years ago is now happening before our eyes. While there is justifiable anguish about Hamas’s recent victory in the Palestinian elections and the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in Egypt, we must not lose sight of the broader trend toward democratization. This trend provides reason for hope, as well as reason to place more emphasis on the liberal institution-building that can build a democratic tradition in the long run View full post…

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Illiberal Democracy on the Rise?


Recent events highlight the need for liberal institutions in the Middle East; here’s how to promote them.
by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross & Nir Boms
04/13/2006 12:00:00 AM

When Americans learned that 41-year-old Afghan citizen Abdul Rahman could be put to death for converting to Christianity, they were outraged. Chuck Colson spoke for many when he wrote, “Is this the fruit of democracy? Is this why we have shed American blood and invested American treasure to set a people free?” (Although Abdul Rahman was ultimately whisked away to the safety of Italy, the apostasy laws used to charge him haven’t been repealed.) When the Abdul Rahman case is added to Hamas’s electoral victory in the Palestinian territories and the Muslim Brotherhood’s gains in Egypt’s recent parliamentary elections, a disturbing trend emerges: the rise of illiberal democracy in the Middle East. View full post…

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Dawn of Freedom Awaits Sunrise

by Nir Boms and Aaron Mannes

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 7:33 PM EDT

The DC Examiner

With elections in Iraq and the Palestinian Authority, huge pro-freedom demonstrations in tiny Lebanon and even small pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt, it appears that freedom’s dawn is finally reaching the Middle East. But democracies require the rule of law and currently the legal systems throughout the region serve as tools of repression rather than guarantors of individual liberty. View full post…

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