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Iran’s War on Women

As many of us begin to celebrate the coming of summer, AFP reports that 71 women have been detained over the past three months for being “improperly dressed” while attempting to board planes.  Additional 87,714 warnings were issued to  women during the last three months since their  hair was not  properly covered, AFP reports.  The Mullas are certainly busy counting. And this is the vision that the  new elected member of  U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women is planning to bring to our world.  You may follow the original  link here.

By NIR BOMS AND SHAYAN ARYA , Wall Street Journal

This past Saturday marked the first anniversary of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s fraudulent reelection, which sparked Iran’s Green Movement and its demands for accountability, democracy and human rights. The regime’s response was one of naked aggression. Opposition activists were murdered on the streets or sentenced to death in kangaroo courts. Thousands were arrested and brutally beaten. Just over a month ago, on May 9, five political prisoners, including female activist Shirin Alam Holi, were executed in secret. Not even their families or lawyers were notified beforehand. At least 25 other men and women await the same fate.

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Sanctions Now or War Later, the choice is yours, Mr. President

Caspian Weekly

Wednesday, 15 July 2009 00:21 Nir BOMS and Shayan Arya,  Middle East

President Obama’s cautious approach to the Iranian crisis has drawn criticism from many quarters including from the ranks of the Iranian opposition and those Republicans in the House and the Senate who sought a more assertive American response. Nevertheless, the President remained consistent in his approach to the Iranian crisis.  He argued that harsh criticism of the government or endorsement of the protests could end up discrediting the protesters. He also thought that  the US should not be seen as  a player in these events  (a claim that was already raised by Iranian President Ahmadinejad). Continue reading


Looking for Enemies

Nir Boms and Shayan Arya

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 

Policy experts continue to debate the best approach that should be implemented with the current Iranian leadership – but before getting there, they need to answer a key question regarding the strength of their potential adversary in Tehran.

Many believe that the Islamic regime in Iran is strong. That it is there to stay and – perhaps thanks to the misguided American policies in the Middle East – it is going even stronger. They point to the growing influence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. They also look at the high prices of oil and the Islamic Republic’s ability to make life very difficult for America and its allies.
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Orwellian Censorship

By Nir T. Boms and Elliot Chodoff
Published November 10, 2006

“Ignorance is power,” wrote George Orwell in his famous book “1984,” referring to the information police that kept bad ideas from the eyes of good people. The rationale of the Big Brother has, unfortunately, often appeared throughout history. According to this approach, the only way to maintain the strength of an idea is to eliminate all suspicion or doubt. If one has no reason to question a belief, then that belief will remain, and if the absence of questioning can be sustained indefinitely, then the belief will be upheld indefinitely. Welcome to Iran. 

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