The Debka Files – ILTV – The recent Syria developments

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The “beginning of the end” of the Syrian war

With Syrian rebels, including both Jihadist groups and what the west defined as moderates, losing their territory in the war-torn country, a new chapter is being written in the bloody chronical of the Syrian war. The above is a televised discussion on these changing realities and their ramifications to Israel.


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The Middle East Maze: Israel and its Neighbors – the Syrian Front

Counter Terrorism Today with Dan Diker

Counter Terrorism Today with Dan Diker interviews Dr. Nir Boms & Mr. Meir Javedanfar via telephone and in studio guest Dr. Hayim Iserovich on The Middle East Maze: Israel and its Neighbors.IDC International RadioIDC Radio – הרדיו הבינתחומי 106.2FM

Posted by International Institute for Counter-Terrorism – ICT on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Jerusalem Studio: “Growing tensions amid Iranian violations”

On the 10th of February, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged his country’s elite to unite in the face of threats by Washington, since the new US Administration, under President Donald Trump, increasingly demonstrates a new, and tougher range of options to be used against the Islamic Republic, pertaining to Tehran’s ongoing violations.

To discuss the growing tension between the two countries and the implications on the Middle East, I’m join here in the studio by:


Dr. Nir Boms, Research Fellow, Moshe Dayan Center – Tel Aviv University
Dr. Ephraim Kam, Senior Researcher – INSS
Analyst: Mr. Amir Oren

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