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Orwellian Censorship

By Nir T. Boms and Elliot Chodoff
Published November 10, 2006

“Ignorance is power,” wrote George Orwell in his famous book “1984,” referring to the information police that kept bad ideas from the eyes of good people. The rationale of the Big Brother has, unfortunately, often appeared throughout history. According to this approach, the only way to maintain the strength of an idea is to eliminate all suspicion or doubt. If one has no reason to question a belief, then that belief will remain, and if the absence of questioning can be sustained indefinitely, then the belief will be upheld indefinitely. Welcome to Iran. 

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Iranian Thought Police

We must keep channels of communication with Iranian people open

Nir Bums, Niv Lilian

Ignorance is power, wrote George Orwell in his book “1984” when describing the thought police that kept “bad” ideas away from good people. “Big Brother’s” modus operandi worked well throughout history in eliminating undesired ideas kept away from those who may make use of them. If no alternative exists to thought or faith, the one thought or faith that does exist would win out. Good morning Iran.  Continue reading


The Power of the Dish and the War of Ideas


By Nir T. Boms | August 1, 2003

On March of 2000, Zia Atabi, a former Iranian rock star, placed a small satellite dish on the roof of a former pornographic studio in one of Los Angeles neighborhoods and began broadcasting.

Atabi, formally known as the “Tom Jones of Iran” escaped his homeland shortly after 1979 and found refuge in California, where approximately 600,000 ex-Iranian patriots live today. As is common in many ethnic groups in the United States, The Iranian community enhanced its local cultural activities.  Zia, contributed support to his community’s cultural needs by borrowing some money from his wife, and launching a Farsi satellite station. He called it NITV (The National Iranian Television Network) since he wanted to stress its non-partisan nature to his ex-patriot community. The station began airing some old films, music and eventually news and original programs. Few days later he received his first telephone call from Teheran. Continue reading