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The Tunisian Revolution: Virtual Voices Made a Real Difference

By Nir Boms & Elliot Chodoff

The demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt caught most of us by surprise. Revolutions often do. Sir Anthony Parsons, the British ambassador in Tehran, declared in 1978 that “there has been little or no evidence of unrest among the urban poor.” Shortly after, Iranians poured into the streets and deposed the Shah.

A decade later, the U.S. was shocked by the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union, another revolution from within. In October 2000, several hundred thousand people protested against Slobodan Milosevic, who was arrested by Serbian police six months later and eventually prosecuted for war crimes. In 2003, Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze attempted to steal an election, and the people prevented him from opening a new session of parliament in what came to be known as the Rose Revolution. The Ukrainian Orange Revolution followed a year later, with half a million people marching to protest election fraud, corruption, and repression.

But not all marches end successfully. In 1989, the People’s Republic of China had little tolerance for the 100,000 demonstrators gathered in Tiananmen Square following the funeral of Hu Yaobang, a popular Communist leader who believed in political and economic reforms. Lebanon is still held hostage despite its million-man freedom march in 2005. Iran has learned its lesson: Repeated attempts at revolution — including that of the students in 1999 and the Green Movement of 2009 — have been crushed with high casualties. In Egypt, Syria, Libya, and even Morocco, popular protests have been quickly crushed.

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Egypt, a civic moment of silence

Cairo has had an unusual response to efforts to mend Muslim-Copt relations.

In Cairo, crowds filled the streets for the third time two weeks ago to mark Egypt’s unprecedented three consecutive victories in the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament. Soccer is big in Egypt and proud Egyptians know how to party.

But not all Egyptians celebrated in the streets. One activist here told me that he doesn’t like soccer. He has nothing against the game itself, but he believes it distracts people from many other important issues. A convenient opium for the masses, he noted. But others stayed at home because their wounds are still too fresh. Continue reading


Пустые обещания Египта

Автор Нир Бомс

Источник New York Post (США)
Ссылка « Egypt’s Empty Promise », Nir Boms, New York Post, 19 ноября 2005.

Египет, крупнейшая арабская страна в мире, провел вторые по счету выборы в этом году, но новости неутешительны. Месяц назад Хосни Мубарак был переизбран на пост президента, а первый тур парламентских выборов принес отличные результаты Братьям мусульманам. Мубарак заявил, что прошедшие президентские выборы стали первым шагом на пути к «прогрессу», но эти обещания пусты. Даже Национальный совет по правам человека в Египте, финансируемый правительством, признал, что выборы не стали настоящим политическим соперничеством. Continue reading