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Nir Boms y Shayan Arya
Casi dos años despues que Hamas gano una gran mayoria en el nuevo parlamento palestino, y como consecuencia comento una nueva ronda de terror que provoco una operacion militar israeli en Gaza, un fragil cese del fuego ha puesto la ultima palabra de otro capitulo en este tragico conflicto. Las ondas aun tienen las imagenes de guerra y carniceria, con mujeres y chicos llorando y con debates acerca de conteos de cuerpos. Continue reading


Democratic accountability in Gaza


Democratic accountability in Gaza

Jan. 28, 2009

Nearly two years after Hamas won a large majority in the new Palestinian parliament, and in return started a new round of terror that triggered an IDF military operation in Gaza, a fragile cease-fire has set the last word of another chapter in this tragic conflict. The airwaves are still filled with footage of war and carnage, with crying women and children and with debates about body counts. Yes, there is a tragic story to be told. War, even when justified, brings much injustice with it. But there is also an important lesson to be learned, and a hope that this time it will not be completely missed by the rioting Arab street. Continue reading



Ahmed Yussuf, political adviser to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh: Abbas did not have a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinian people

Nir Boms and Elliot Chodoff (11/28/2007)

Leaders from around the world are converging on Annapolis, but the parties are still busy debating both format and content. However, when the wagon appears to be ready, the horses seem to be more willing to step forward as well. Syria is now willing to attend and  even Hamas – until recently busy combating Fatah forces – would have liked to add its horse to the cart. Ahmed Yussuf, political adviser to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, announced last week that if Hamas was invited to the Annapolis conference, “it would think about joining and it can detour around its constitution.” Continue reading


The Occupation of the Palestinian Mind

by Nir Boms and Asaf Romirowsky
October 12, 2005

In May of 2000, the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terrorist group faced an unexpected challenge. Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon has threatened to pull the raison d’etre for its existence out from under its feet. After all, what can an organization that dedicated its life to fighting the “Israeli occupation of Lebanon” do after the last Israeli solider shut the border gate and the UN announced that Israel is in full compliance with Security Council resolution 425, recognizing the Israeli-Lebanese permanent border in the north? How about fighting for Jerusalem?

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