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When it comes to Israel, the people of Iran go against their Ayatollahs

Israeli-Palestinian conflict serves as main instrument in the attempt to galvanize Iran as well as Muslims and others.

Published in the Jerusalem Post

For the past 44 years, the Islamic regime in Iran has tried to foment hatred towards Israel both at home and abroad, dedicating vast resources to its hateful anti-Israel campaign. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict serves as the main instrument in this attempt to galvanize both Iranians as well as Muslims, and others around the world.  While it’s clear that Iran is able to support a wide proxy network that actively participates in the war against Israel, it is less clear how successful it has been regionally, as well as globally, in advancing an anti-Israel agenda. 

One thing, however, is certain: domestically, Iran’s anti-Israel campaign has been a failure.  

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Military deployments in Syria; Assessing the battlefield 

Syria was once a proud sovereign country, hostile to the designs of stronger Arab nations such as Iraq and Egypt to gain control over it by inserting their military into its territory as part of alliances. But faced with a fight for survival, Bashar Assad invited Iranian troops, Hezbollah and other proxies and eventually the Russian military to help him gain the upper hand in the civil war. Meanwhile, American forces started operating in other parts of Syria against the Islamic State; and Turkey invaded the North in order to cordon-off the Kurdish underground. In recent months, with the war in Ukraine resetting Moscow’s focus, there have been changes in the deployments of most foreign forces in Syria. What happened and what are the projected trends?

Panel: – Host : Jonathan Hessen

– Amir Oren : Editor at Large, Host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play

– Dr. Nir Boms, Research fellow, Moshe Dayan center at Tel Aviv University

– LT. COL. Sarit Zehavi CEO & Founder of Alma Research & Education Center.