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Iranian Thought Police

We must keep channels of communication with Iranian people open

Nir Bums, Niv Lilian

Ignorance is power, wrote George Orwell in his book “1984” when describing the thought police that kept “bad” ideas away from good people. “Big Brother’s” modus operandi worked well throughout history in eliminating undesired ideas kept away from those who may make use of them. If no alternative exists to thought or faith, the one thought or faith that does exist would win out. Good morning Iran.  Continue reading


Defiance in Damascus

Article published Sep 27, 2007
Defiance in Damascus

By Nir Boms –

The streets of Damascus have seen most things. They saw military marches with strutting generals leading their people to war. They have seen the images of presidential figures, such as the late Hafez Assad and his son, the current president, Bashar Assad, displayed on every corner. They have seen those of other allies like Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah or Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But they had never seen a Syrian American calling for reform. Continue reading


Rights and Refugees

A Muslim Edict Recognizes Israel and Rejects the Palestinian Right of Return

A resurrected 50-year-old Fatwa offers a chance of a religious modus vivendi. It recognizes Israel as a fait accompli similar to other lands where Moslems formerly ruled.

Nir Boms (10/23/2007)

A Fatwa, a Muslim religious ruling, generally crops up in the Western media primarily in the context of extremist religious arbiters such as Youssouf al Qadarawi or Ayman al Zawahiri (bin Laden’s lieutenant), who occasionally provide religious imprimaturs to holy war (jihad) or suicide bombings. Unfortunately it is precisely these voices that are considered representative of the Muslim religious world, which may not be justified.

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