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Iranian Thought Police

We must keep channels of communication with Iranian people open

Nir Bums, Niv Lilian

Ignorance is power, wrote George Orwell in his book “1984” when describing the thought police that kept “bad” ideas away from good people. “Big Brother’s” modus operandi worked well throughout history in eliminating undesired ideas kept away from those who may make use of them. If no alternative exists to thought or faith, the one thought or faith that does exist would win out. Good morning Iran.  Continue reading


Chilling Iranian Stories

Article published Jul 16, 2007

By Nir Boms

In the background of new reports about Iran’s ability to produce its own nuclear centrifuges and while Olli Heinonen, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s No. 2 is making his way to Tehran in order to observe the “transparency” of its nuclear program, Iran’s security forces appear busy with more pressing matters. Continue reading


A Tipping Point for Tehran


July 27, 2005

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s “elected” president, will officially assume his post next month. The elections, no doubt, were a sham and the controversy about voting irregularities is far from settled. Iran’s opposition sources revealed that the national ID cards of about five million dead people were provided to regime supporters, enabling them to vote multiple times at multiple locations.

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