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Digital Graffiti in Teheran

By Nir Boms and Shayan Arya

Iran Times International

Many pictures that make their way from the streets of Teheran. You might have seen some of them; those of besieged revolutionary guards; those of burned military bicycles or helmets or those of dying protestors who lost their life for the sake of their call for a different future. And there are also those  graffiti’s on the wall. “Death to the dictator,” or “Down with Khamenei” they say, accompanying the protesters as they serve as silent witnesses to this current round of cruelty and violence. And this reminded us of another wall in another part of the world.

A famous graffiti entitled “Curriculum Vitae” is still visible on the remaining segment of the Berlin Wall. This resume is short and simple. Black numbers cover the gray wall that start in 1961. The following years are added, painted black on gray until the year 1989 brings it some color. The artist, Susanne Kunjappu, is proud at her creation that can be found, along with others at the East Side Gallery where some of the yearning expressions for freedom from those years are still kept. Art is a message and a good reminder that the freedom to paint did not always exist there. But new walls have been erected since, some of which appear to be more sophisticated than those of Berlin. Continue reading